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About Sanbar

Sanbar Dressage is an intimate boarding facility established in 1994 by owner/ manager, Sandy Kriegsman, a long-time member of the Sonoma County equestrian community. The entire farm - with barns, turnouts, round-pen, and covered arena - has been designed purposefully from the ground up prioritizing the safety, health, and happiness of the horses.


The shared value system of technique, horsemanship, and process between Sandy and Resident Trainer, Riana Porter, provides synergy in the care and training of the horses. The result is more complete, well-rounded horse development and enhanced rider connection in and out of the tack


The Sanbar clients are committed riders and horse(wo)men, who appreciate the rigor and discipline of the classical dressage process as well as participation in the nutrition, care, and keeping of their horses.


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