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Boarding at Sanbar Dressage


Boarding Options

Natural beauty and broad vistas pair perfectly with the deliberate plan of the Sanbar property. It's design honors the horses’ natural instincts as herd animals.  The wide spaces allow them to see the rest of the herd. The structures are specifically designed to safely accommodate access to each other.  This adds up to a calmer demeanor in the horses and a more relaxed atmosphere for humans. 

Sanbar offers 3 different boarding options for its horses. In any of the 3, new horses are methodically introduced and monitored. Sanbar intentionally cultivates the horses’ social nature:

  • Horses can touch each other to groom, play and connect

  • All stalls, paddocks, turnouts, pastures have 2 egress for safety

  • Stalls are built with bars at end so horses can see the herd - but not at front where hay is fed

  • Turnout service (with owner not present) is available​


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