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Train at Sanbar

Training, like the care of horses, is managed as a herd, treated as an individual.


Resident Trainer, Riana Porter, creates development plans that accommodate the needs and goals of each horse and rider. She builds a strong, consistent foundation in the fundamental dressage pyramid: rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness, collection.

Students and horses are always instructed one-on-one with an emphasis on independence and confidence. Riana helps her clients develop deep connections and communication with their horses and encourages self-motivated study in and out of the tack. She works with riders ranging from Intro-Level Schooling shows to those at the CDI FEI level.

Sanbar is proud to host top-tier clinicians including Kristen Aggers, Mike Osinski, Anne Gribbons, Christine Traurig, and more.


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